Why List Events With Us?

Advertising your events on the web can be a confusing proposition. Having your own website is great, but driving traffic to your site can be difficult. Dealing with search engines and confusing technology can be time consuming and expensive. Many web sites offer listing services, but they require you purchase a membership or charge a fee for each listing. They then turn around and charge visitors to view your event!

How do you simply and easily get the word out about your events? My Event Finder provides the way with a network of event related web sites designed to attract visitors and advertise your events. Each site is focused on a particular type of show or fair event. We deal with the search engines and the web technology to attract visitors interested in learning more about your events.

My Event Finder is now an iPhone App

My Event Finder now has an iPhone app. Any events posted to the My Event Finder site will appear on the iPhone app. The app is free and can be downloaded from the iTunes at My Event Finder. If you have any questions please use the Contact Us page to send us an email.

About Us

My Event Finder was designed to connect your events with visitors. Each web site provides visitors with a simple and easy to use interface. Visitors can search for events at no cost and no membership is required.

Listing events is free and no membership fee is required. Create your account by clicking here and begin listing your events with us today. If you have a single event and don't want to create a promoter account you can add your event by clicking here.

Listing an Event

While it is best to create a promoter's account to enter your events and take advantage of the many extra features offered to promoters, if you only have one or two events you are more than welcome to list your event with us without creating a Promoter Account.

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